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Our added value

HPS System

  • Dosing pump with adjustable output.
  • Lubricant ejection pressure: 10 and 25 bar.
  • High-performance pump able to pump lubricants at extreme temperatures and with high viscosity.

Patented adjustable flow system - unmatched features

Adjustable system
  • The patented Memo system adjusts the lubricant output frequency.
  • The output frequency can be adapted on demand.
  • The settings are independent from the body and the cartridge.

Visio System

MEMOLUB® Visio - System
  • Dosage pump with output adjustment
  • Lubricant ejection pressure: 10 and 25 bar
  • High-performance pump for pumping high viscosity lubricants at extreme temperatures

Oil R-500 System

MEMOLUB® Oil R-500
  • MEMOLUB® Oil R-500 is an accessory for use with oil.
  • Refillable by the customer
  • Can be used on all our models
  • MEMOLUB® Oil R-500 is the solution for all your oil applications.
  • It has a capacity of 500 cm3.
  • Can be used with all types of oil (including Polyglycol)
  • It is infinitely refillable and reusable
  • Can be used with oil (viscosity: ISO VG 22 to 4000)

DS System

System: Memolub® DS
  • Dosing pump powered by compressed air
  • Available for different standard packaging
  • 2,25 cm3 / 3,375 cm3 / 4,5 cm3 per stroke
  • Adjustable output of 2,25 cm3 to 648 cm3 / day
  • For oil viscosity ISO VG 220 to 4000
  • For Grease NLGI 2 max
  • 2 air outlets to supply additional pumps in series

The technology: the accumulator effect

MEMOLUB® not only protects the moving parts of your machine, it protects your lubricant.

Excessive pressure applied to the lubricating grease causes oil separation. Back pressure generated by a lubrication system depends on a number of factors. The tubing diameter, the type of lubricant and the ambient temperature, are all major contributors but the most significant element is the speed/pressure ratio at which the lubricant is expelled.

MEMOLUB®’s unique method of operation eliminates this problem. Thanks to its patented design MEMOLUB® allows the lubricant to travel to the lubricating point without the need for excessive pressure.

The lubricant remains in its premium condition offering substantially improved lubrication of your valuable asset.


Our product range

MEMOLUB® 10bar

MEMOLUB® 10 bar

120cm3 – 240cm3

Memolub® ECOMemolub® OneMemolub® EM
MEMOLUB® 25bar

Memolub® 25 bar

120cm3 – 240cm3 – 480cm3

Memolub® HPSMemolub® PLCDMemolub® EPSVisio
Memolub® DS


Multi-points, multi-products, multi-flow
18kg – 50kg

Memolub® DS

Modular refills

Rechargeable systems - Memolub® HPS
  • 120 cm3 model
    5 rings – Standard
  • 240 cm3 model
    10 rings – Mega
  • 480 cm3 model
    15 rings – Giga


Rechargeable systems - Memolub® DS
  • 18 kg
  • 50 kg
Memolub® Oil R-500 - Modular refills

MEMOLUB® OilR-500: 500 cm3

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