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MEMOLUB® and the environment

How MEMOLUB® does its bit for the environment

Solutions that offer savings in the field! Our market

Industry is investing heavily in solutions to reduce the environmental impact of its production and improve waste management. This is also a strategy pursued by MEMOLUB® International.

Monitor and adjust lubricant requirements

The use of MEMOLUB® automatic lubricators makes it possible to monitor and adjust lubricant requirements. Switching from manual to automatic lubrication reduces lubricant consumption by about 50%.
  • Reduction of overall lubricant consumption
  • Less waste by optimising the volume of lubricant per lubrication point.

Gentler, more regular lubrication

Gentler, more regular lubrication with the right lubricant also reduces energy consumption.
  • Reduction of the coefficient of friction for mechanical elements.
  • Reduction of the machine temperature.
  • Reduction of mechanical breakdowns.

A different story! Our company

Since its creation, MEMOLUB® has specialised in reusable automatic solutions spearheaded by the automatic multi-point lubricator, which can lubricate up to 12 points simultaneously.

Multi-point solutions

Multi-point solutions that mean fewer automatic lubricators (98% of mechanical applications have at least 2 lubrication points).

Only the consumables need to be replaced

Only the consumables need to be replaced. MEMOLUB® lubricant refills are also available in H1 or biodegradable versions.

Reusable systems

Recycling of pumps

Recycling of pumps at the end of their life cycle (several years) These exceptional features have enabled MEMOLUB® lubrication systems to be recognised for more than 20 years as leading solutions for reducing the environmental impact in all types of industries.

We meet the needs of “clean" industries (pharmaceutical, food, etc.) and industries that aspire to this title.

MEMOLUB® reduces lubricant waste, cuts down on the use of consumables and mitigates the risk of contamination

The extra mile Our team

MEMOLUB® has decided to go the extra mile to protect the environment by analysing its own waste emissions. All our staff are aware of these challenges.

Recyclable cardboard packaging

Recyclable cardboard packaging, from entirely recycled solutions

Use of biodegradable inks

A sorting and recycling system

Implementation of a sorting and recycling system in the offices and the plant

Our ecological footprint

Daily consideration of our ecological footprint

The experience acquired since its creation in hostile environments and heavy industries enables MEMOLUB® International to respond to many current challenges. By increasing staff safety, preserving the industrial production tool and optimising maintenance budgets, MEMOLUB® International enables all industries to reduce their overall ecological footprint.

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